How to Make the Renergy Sandwich

Watch and learn….

UPDATED FOR 2014 and beyond…

New and improved version:

The original that started it all:


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9 Responses to How to Make the Renergy Sandwich

  1. Dylan Long says:

    Absolutely delicious and I feel more energized than I have from any breakfast. I can feel the difference in my afternoon jiu jitsu too. This is my breakfast from here on out! Thank you!

  2. Adrian Iriarte says:

    Looks like another winning sandwich!

  3. Keep going Rener , can you also create videos for lunch and dinner .

    Bless from Panama. See you in the mats.

  4. Gabriel Landrum says:

    Renergy Sandwiches are amazing, I have had one everyday for the past 3 months plus 100 percent gracie diet, and I feel amazing. I just can’t believe it took me this long to actually look at the website. LOL Keep it Heal. That’s how I say everything with R’s nowI use the H. hahaha

  5. Kyle z says:

    Rener I know you know what I’m thinking. But for those who don’t, two things. First, awesome sandwich I eat them all the time now. Thank you. Second, Rener, please consider going on the joe rogan experience podcast

  6. Gabriel Zaldivar says:

    I’ve tried the original Renergy Sandwich with Ryron’s vegetable juice and their both out of this world. Have one question though. What brand of almond butter is best? The almond butter I used has 4 grams of sugar and sugar doesn’t combine with Group A meals. Is that a problem? I also felt a bit sleepy after eating it.

  7. Nelson Soto says:

    Thank you for promoting this healthy diet lifestyle. I’m gonna follow Rorion Gracie’s advice to at least follow the Gracie diet.

  8. Josue says:

    Rener! I love it BUT have you had this with EZEKIEL bread yet? You can buy it at vons or any major store. It will take this sandwhich to the next level. This bread is out of the world delicious with all organic sprouted grains — unfortunately the “whole wheat” named bread most peopple use still has unsprouted yeast (do some research on ut trust me bro) but EZEKIEL is the only one i know of that actually gives you the “live” and truly naturall grain power!! Pls try and let me know. I am local so cal guy.

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